Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program Review My opinion

Hey, Coach Cyril here,

Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of Eric Wong ultimate mma strength and conditioning guide, which is made by none other than Eric Wong. Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS has been training mixed martial artists since 2006 including 3 UFC fighters and has been helping guys around the world.

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photofond2If your checking this out it is because you maybe have one of the problems that I had. My big problem was: being embarrassed because I was not in shape. I had 5 trainings a week and I couldn’t follow the pace. I was really gassing out during workouts. And what is the final result of gassing out? …getting beat. But what’s the problem? I was not following a good routine made by a strength and Conditioning coach.

What your about to read are the essential details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the ultimate mma plan yourself.

Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Program is everything you need to develop: explosive power and endless cardio in only 2 days per week.It is design for fighters that want to get in incredible shape. Inside this MMA program you’ll get :
-Closely guarded 4 phase periodized program
-8, 12 and 16 week programs to follow
-training templates used with athletes
-How to get results without being too tired or sore
-A more injury proof body
-Patentd NRG system complexes
-An effective MMA specific dynamic warmup
-And a whole lot more!Is it easy to follow? You simply need standard equipement you’ll find in any gym. I’ve tried many training program last couples of year. However this mma training guide is the first one which gave you exact instructionss of how to get in shape fast and the good way.

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The mma trainning guide really does show you everything from how to why you should do each step.
Eric Wong show how to develop your mind game, your flexibility and mobility, how to correct any physical imbalance, develop your core and strengthen all areas of the body including the neck and grip. You’ll have to keep in mind that this strength and conditioning program will also transform your body into a ripped fighting machine.

After trying the method and more importantly te explanation behind it, this Ultimate mma Program guide seems like a complete winner solution. Plus, you have all the bonus : access to the nutrition guide, weight cutting guide, or fight prep warmup

Me and some of my students followed all four phases of the periodized Eric Wong MMA workout  over 16 weeks. It was really tough but well worth it. The videos and manual is a superb resource that I can use over and over. Having the Eric Wong MMA workout videos on my iPhone was very helpfull in the gym where computers are rare.

What are the BAD things about the ultimate mma strength and conditioning program?

You need to have a specific place to do a lot of exercices
You need to have equipement at your disposal
This is not easy, you have to put a lot of heart in your training

What are the GOOD things about the ultimate mma strength and conditioning program?

It is a very easy to follow program.
It improve cardio and strength and avoid crucial training errors by working smarter.
Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS is an expert in his domaine everything is explained perfectly.
It’s completely different from anything you have experience in this field
The program apply to any fighter.
« No pain after the training »
It is a gold mine for coaches
….. and oh wait  I forgot about those bonuses :access to the Nutrition Guide, Weight Cutting Guide, or Fight Prep Warmup

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