Hip Flexibility Solution Review

Hip Flexibility Solution Review

First of all, coming from a martial arts guy, I love the concept. If you want to get the most of your potential, this is a must. I think it can benefit the MMA community as well as the power lifter community. A lot of people have problems with their hips and they don’t even realize it. If you sit down all day at the computer or in a bus, you are not using your hip flexors. The hips problem can take many form: back pain, flexibility problems… This hip flexibility solution program can be for those who want to release their tight hips or for those who do not want hips problems.

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Why did I chose this Hip flexibility system?

I discovered Eric Wong in 2013 because I was searching for a conditioning program for MMA fighters. I have been following his blog since that time. Eric is an expert on flexibility, and he is also the creator of the new Shoulder Flexibility Solution. I practice martial arts since I am 7 years old and let’s say that I am not the flexible type. It was nearly impossible for me to throw high kicks with my right leg. With the knowledge I acquire since that time, I know that a lot of movements comes from the hips so I wanted to increase my hip mobility.

Let’s take a look inside Eric Wong hip flexibility program

The moment you buy the product, you will receive all that you need to fix your hips: The Bioenergetics Routine, The Kneeling Routine, The Standing Routine, The Advanced Mobility Exercises, The Core Exercises and The Active SMR(self myofascial release). I suggest that you do a little hip flexibility test before and after Eric Wong program.hip-flexibility-solution

You can start with the 60 pages Master Manuel to educate yourself. You will find good stuff inside: Reasons we get tight, 3D Flexibility Factors, 3D Flexibility System, teaching about the body, flexibility literature, hip kinesiology, anatomy, back story… Then, after the theory you can make your way to the Techniques Manual where you are introduce to the “how to”. You can also take a look at Eric Wong’s website: PowerDojo.com. His blog is full of useful information.

The key to all the exercises regarding to your hips problem is, when you get into the different range of motion, you have to strengthen the muscles all around them and mobilize the joint capsule and take care of any kind of restrictions that is limiting your flexibility.

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Personally, coming from a martial arts background, the program helped me to improve my kicking power. The lateral leg drop worked like magic on my body: my movements are more fluid, my kicking speed have increase and it has improve my strength. I was also suffering from low back pain… well guess what? Almost disappear (except in the morning).

Hip Flexibility Solution:

The 6 Powerful Hip Flexibility Solution Routines:

  • The HFS Bioenergetics Routine
  • The HFS Kneeling Routine
  • The HFS Standing Routine
  • The HFS Core Routine
  • The HFS Advanced Mobility Routine
  • The HFS Active SMR(self myofascial release) Routine

What equipment do I need to complete Eric Wong’s program?

You will need rubber bands, massage ball and foam roller. That’s it. If you don’t have any equipment, your local gym should have all you need.


  • Eric Wong is doing every exercises along the way
  • Nice teaching in the videos
  • Quality stuff that really help


  • Its a bit expensive
  • You need a gym for some of the exercises

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