3 Principles for explosive power and endless cardio

So you’ve been training for mma for a while now and thing’s are starting to get repetitive, you dont feel like your mma training is making you better and you think your Cardio could be way better.

Well, if you fall into any of above, then not to worry because we are here to help and show you how to get in shape fast. Eric Wong reveals 3 Simple Principles to gives you explosive power and endless cardio by training less than you ever have. This ultimate mma strength and conditioning plan will raise your fitness level.If you want to win your next mma fight, get in top shape right now.


MMA athletes are some of the most conditioned, disciplined, focused, and straight-up insane athletes on the planet. Learn how to train like they do, look like they do, and see what top-level  Ufc competitors do.


Faster Results… Training Less Than Ever!

Before beginning your mma exercices, you need to know exactly what you’re doing – You need a workout plan. This will DRAMATICALLY speed up your progress. To do that, you need to do the right things in the right order.

Principle # 1 Periodization

Do the right things in the right order to achieve your goal. In other words « You’re HERE, this is what to do to go THERE. » If you are a fighter, your mixed martial arts training must bring you to the cage at your physical peak. If you are training in mma for fun, you have continued results without « Plateaus » because the exercices changes.

Principle # 2 Specificity

If you want to be good in punching with your fists, train punching with your fists, not bands and weights. MMA is a complex and demanding sport. Your strength and conditioning workout must be equaly complex to match the sport. Endless Cardio requires a multi-faceted approach. Follow the 3 energy systems: Aerobic, Anaerobic Lactic, Anaerobic Alactic. You have to train each for power and endurance.Next, there is 6 major movement patterns and accessory movements important for mma.

1- Squat
2- Dead lift
3- Lounge
4- Twist
5- Push
6- Pull

Next, here is just a small sample of what you need to exercices. First of all, the core and the 3 dimensions and different positions— » On your back, face down, standing. In second, you need to include the 8 biomotor abilities in your mma training.

1- Strength
2- Speed
3- Power
4- Agility
5- Endurance
6- Flexibility
7- Coordination
8- Balance

Principle # 3 Least Effort

Ok now this doesn’t mean being lazy or not giving 100% but organizing everything in an intelligent and structured way. By following these three simples principles in mma workout: brute strength, explosive power and endless cardio, you only get to training 2 days per week. It is an easy to follow mma program that’s based on science and proven inside the octagon. After you follow this program, your training partner will avoid you.

Eric Wong Ultimate MMA is for every fighter!

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